Positives of Litter Picking

Volunteers doing Litter Picking at a beach

Litter-picking is great because you are going to be making a positive change to the environment around you. This is something that is not only help right now but is going to make things better over the long haul too.

This is why much work is done to focus on the beach area while also collecting data to see what works and what does not. This is essential for helping pinpoint the type of change that is being made due to these campaigns.

This has also allowed the Marine Conservation Society put together a 5p bag charge and stop the purchasing of these types of bags.

In the region, the Great British Beach Clean week is also celebrated between the 17th and 26th of September. Spread across a week, this allows thousands of people to get together to help clean the beaches in the UK.

Based on the research that has been done, people found 425 litter items across 100 meters of beach. This is a significant amount across 131 steps. This is the amount of damage that is done due to litter pollution in the region. It is dangerous for not only the environment but also the wildlife in the area.

These beach clean events are popular because it allows volunteers to join in and make the most of tracking the items that are found. This is essential for the data-collecting aspect of these campaigns.

Beach cleaning is a big part of the present and the future. It is a great option for those who do want to make a positive difference by joining CSR networking events. Here is a look at a few of the main reasons for joining.

There are so many reasons why beach cleaning is super important and if you haven’t already decided to volunteer for beach cleaning this September, then here are 10 arguments why you should consider signing up today:

1. Positive Change

Litter-picking is important because you are going to start making a positive change right off the bat. This is going to help now and well into the future too. This includes being able to take a better read at what is going on and what needs to be done when it comes to keeping the beach in good condition year-round.

2. Fun

Yes, this is a fun activity for groups to participate in. People get together and make a positive change while being able to socialize at the same time. It is something that can be fascinating for those who are looking to try something different and want to do it the right way.

It is a great option for families that are looking to do something together and set a great example for the kids too. It will help the environment and it is also going to be loads of fun during the day. Of course, a consent form is required for anyone under the age of 16.

3. Assisting Marine Life

The marine life in the region tends to take the brunt of the damage when it comes to littering. This includes face masks and PPE. Unfortunately, while these items are good for humans when used, they are not as good for the environment when tossed away.

This can cause them to spread into nearby rivers, seas, and oceans. This is when marine animals start to get impacted. Taking the time to remove these items from the area is a must as it will keep the marine animals as safe as they should be in their environment.