Easy Ways to Make a House Feel More Homely

Beautiful House Interior with plants and lights

You have finally moved into your new house! The removal van is long gone, and the boxes have been unpacked. Everything is where it should be, but your new house doesn’t quite feel like a home yet, and you’re wondering ‘why?’

Well, it may take some time for you to feel ‘at home’ in your new house. But, there are some easy things you can do to make your new space feel like a ‘real’ home. Here are some easy ways to make a house feel more homely.

1. Check Your Heating

Nothing makes a new house feel like a place you can call home than being cosy and warm. So, immediately you move in, you should take time to set up your heating system. Get your boiler checked (if necessary) and begin searching for any faults that may need fixing.

Check your home’s insulation, and start thinking about getting help from Electric Heating Expert, if you need to improve the heating in certain rooms. This may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Considering that all you’ll need is a source of power and some DIY skills to wall mount a unit, it’s actually an affordable way to make sure you’ll have enough heat during the cold season.

Ultimately, you may choose to upgrade to an all-electric HVAC system. But, if you’re searching for a quick way to keep your house warm and cosy, this is the best option.

2. Use Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings provide an amazing sense of security and warmth to a home. If you have wood floors, get a sumptuous area rug. You can also opt for throws for beds and sofas, as well as layering textures with cushions.

Complement hard window dressings like shutters or blinds with a curtain, to accentuate the space and achieve a better look. Pick from neutral palettes like the Scandinavian ‘hygge’ to make sure your new space feels homely and safe.

3. Add Natural Finishes

Painted walls and carpets are swiftly being replaced with more natural finishes, like wood floors with seagrass, sisal, or jute rugs. Panelled walls are also really common nowadays, as well as exposed brickwork. Think natural and more ‘organic’, for a sense of tranquillity in your home.

4. Fill Your Home with Foliage

Indoor plants provide the soothing characteristics of Mother Nature to make your home both beautiful and captivating. Fresh flowers can really brighten up a space, making it immediately more homely.

However, plants are not merely used for decorative purposes. They also help absorb unwanted echoes and noises in a large space, as well as improve the quality of air in your house. Numerous studies have shown that indoor plants can help to lower stress levels.

After moving in, regaining your peace and tranquillity is very important. With that said, take a trip to the local gardening shop as soon as possible! For inspiration, here are some amazing indoor plants that you may like:

• Fiddle Leaf Fig

• Rubber Plant

Tall Cactus

• Ferns

• Money Tree

• Weeping Fig

• Peace Lily

You can even beautify your windows with specially placed window boxes that brighten up your view. Also, you may consider growing herbs either in your window boxes or in an indoor herb garden. This way you’ll always have a supply of fresh plants.

5. Remember Books

Books arranged in a rustic bookcase or even just some publications placed on your coffee table bring an element of sophistication to a home. It’s also a brilliant opportunity to tell your guests something about yourself. Your pastimes and interests, the place you like to travel to, and the books you love to read.

6. Let There Be Light

No one likes a dark and dingy house. Begin by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint and cleaning the windows. This could be all your house needs. Opt for white paint on your walls if you really want to brighten up the space.