HGV Driver Career Change

Finding a good job that helps you pay all of your bills and that gives you career satisfaction is everyone’s goal. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to do. It’s difficult to find something that does both even if you know what you are passionate about already.

If you’ve been having difficulties finding a good career that can help you sleep peacefully at night, you may want to consider changing careers. HGV driving could be the ideal career to switch to. Not only does it offer a lot of working flexibility that you don’t get with other careers, but it offers job security and it’s reliable.

Nowadays, starting a new career in HGV driving can be a good and easy way to guarantee that you always have a steady paycheck. The HGV crisis has made it even more intriguing. After all, companies are having to cater to their drivers more than ever before due to the lack of supply of qualified drivers.

Here are a few of the reasons you may want to consider switching to an HGV driving profession. For any readers look for CPC training then see here.

There Will Always Be Demand

Whenever you are looking to make a career change, you want to ensure there is going to be a lot of demand for years to come. No one wants to switch careers to a dying industry. HGV driving is one of those careers that isn’t going anywhere. There will always be a need for these drivers. While some say that the industry could be wiped out shortly because of the rise of self-driving vehicles, that’s not true whatsoever. It’s unrealistic to think that self-driving trucks could operate at such a wide scale that truck drivers won’t be needed.

There will always be a need for large trucks to transport heavy-duty equipment and a lot of products. Therefore, HGV driving isn’t going anywhere. You can count on there always being a demand for qualified drivers.

While some industries will certainly die out because of automation and robotic technology, HGV driving isn’t one of them. Even if there is an advancement that leads to self-driving trucks, it’s never going to be mass adopted due to the expensive nature of the technology. A lot of the trucks on the road are employed by smaller companies. These companies cannot afford to spend millions on outfitting their fleet with self-driving trucks.

It’s also not practical because the rules of the road are constantly changing. There will always be a need to have a driver in the seat to ensure the truck is operating as it should.

It Offers A Good Income

HGV driving is a skill-based career. As with any career that requires skills, it’s much more difficult to get into. There is a much higher barrier to entry to these careers because people need to spend the time and money developing the skills and passing certification tests. As an HGV driver, you need to do things like operate heavy machinery, drive in unfavourable conditions, and more.

Not everyone has the skills to be a good HGV driver. You’ll need to spend time fostering these skills and obtaining the needed certification to work as one. As with any job that requires specialised skills, you’ll be able to ask for more pay for your work.

The typical starting salary of someone that is an HGV driver sits at £32,500 according to Total Jobs. While the actual amount will vary based on where you are working and what company you are working for, it’s going to deliver you a good income no matter what. Also, because of the high demand, you generally get a lot of other benefits to incentivise you to stay with the company including private health insurance, extra insurance, and even paid time off.