Why You Should Become An HGV Driver

It’s not easy landing a job you know will provide you with a way to pay your bills year after year, as well as leave you feeling highly satisfied. Getting into the perfect career can be difficult. This is regardless of the transferrable skills you have acquired over the years.

Now might be a good time to make a career change, especially if you’ve been looking for a job that will allow you to rest easier at night. HGV offers a good level of flexibility, which means you will have an array of schedules to choose from. Even better is the fact that HGV careers are very reliable jobs, as well as provide workers with tremendous job security.

Driving an HGV may be the easiest way to secure a good source of income. Let’s not forget to mention that there is an HGV driver crisis. This has lead to many companies to offer bonuses and higher pay in order to attract new HGV drivers. If you are looking for HGV training I would recommend seeing HGV Driver Training Centre.

There are many reasons you driving an HGV is a reliable career. The top reasons are:

HGV Drivers Will Always Be Needed In The UK

First and foremost, HGV driving is one of those jobs that are not going to go away within a few years. Sure, it’s nice to think that one day massive trucks and lorries won’t be needed in order to transport items around the world. However, this isn’t realistic.

The bottom line is vehicles that are capable of transporting an array of goods will always be in demand. Large volumes of products such as medicine and foods will always need to be transported. It’s safe to say that HGVs will be around for many more years, and people with the skills to operate them will also be in demand.

Sure, automation and robotics have raised concerns about job security among HGV drivers, but as of now this is unlikely to happen. HGV drivers are impacted by AI and automation tools, but not to the extend where they are not needed to operate the vehicles. In other words, it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy tremendous job security as an HGV driver.

Even if autonomous vehicles are brought to the market, they probably won’t be an option that many businesses can afford. In fact, creating autonomous vehicles will likely cost millions of Pounds. The majority of businesses out there can’t or won’t want to spend their entire budget on vehicles that can drive themselves.

Also, there are many guidelines and rules in the UK, and they are constantly changing. HGVs must drive in a safe manner while on the roads, which is why humans will always need to operate them. Plus, it would be extremely difficult to update software on a regular basis in order to keep on allowing vehicles to drive themselves. Technology will continue to advanced, but an HGV driver will always be needed to operate an HGV.

Decent Income Opportunities

Drivers of HGVs need to remain extremely focused. They have to keep an eye out for hazards, operate large vehicles, machinery and remain safe while on the roads. In order to be a good driver, the right training must be provided.

Not everyone is cut out to be a good HGV driver. You have to be dedicated and committed to earning your certificate and honing your skills. The good news is the more skilled you are, the higher the pay will be.

How much you’ll be paid depends on the company you work for and where you work. Generally speaking, £32,500 is the starting average salary. Furthermore, you might be offered a number of benefits, such as private healthcare, extra insurance and paid time off to name a few.