How Working as an HGV Driver Presents so Many Opportunities

A heavy truck loaded with goods on a highway

One challenging situation is securing a worthy job opportunity where you are sure you can pay your bills every year and get the satisfaction you want in your career. However, it helps if you know the most suitable roles for you based on your passion, before seeking the skills you need for your job. If you cannot find a job that provides you with sufficient peace of mind, it could be a sign that it is time to begin considering switching careers.

For instance, working as an HGV driver provides so much workplace flexibility, enabling the driver to explore an extensive range of varying schedules. In addition, working as an HGV comes with a lot of job security and reliability as well.

Nowadays, more than before, kick-starting a career in HGV driving is one of the most reliable ways of earning a reliable stream of income to pay your bills. Nevertheless, many companies are going the extra mile to retain their HGV drivers to avoid losing them because of the HGV driver crisis.

The following are some of the reasons why working as an HGV driver is a reliable line of work:

There is a Constant Demand for HGV Drivers in the UK

Let us begin with the fundamentals: the future demand for HGV drivers is guaranteed for the next few years. We hope the world can transit into a future where goods are ferried around the globe using other methods and not trucks or lorries. However, lorries and trucks now offer the most practical transport option.

Ultimately, it is going to be difficult to avoid using vehicles with the capacity of transporting all types of goods, like heavy-duty equipment and oversized cargo like food and medicine. This presents a good opportunity for HGVs and HGV drivers to plug this gap and make a living out of it.

Some careers have been riddled with fears that a number of employees might be “replaced” in the workplace by robots or automated processes. However, HGV drivers need not be concerned as their jobs are secure in that sense.

However, we note that the HGV industry stands to gain a lot from the everyday use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated processes to enhance the driver’s experience. However, the role of the HGV driver in driving the industry forward remains definite and vital.

Even if autonomous vehicles can be introduced in the transport industry in the future, they are likely to be out of the price range of most profit-oriented companies. This is because the cost of producing an autonomous vehicle could run into the millions, making it hard for businesses to invest in many self-driving vehicles for commercial use.

Simultaneously, the role of human beings in the HVG industry has been further fortified by the dynamic nature of the legal framework for safe driving in the UK. Human beings are more adept at responding to legal and market changes than autonomous vehicles, which might need an update of the HGV software system every time the rules change.

It does not matter the changes that occur with the advancement of technology; the work of an HGV driver is quite secure.

HGV Driving Provides an Opportunity to Make a Decent Income

There are specific skills needed to function as an HGV driver: You are required to know how to assess hazards, drive huge machinery, and maintain road safety all the time. For this, you need to undertake the relevant training from Easy as HGV and receive the certification needed to be a competent driver.

Not everyone can work well as an HGV driver, as a lot of commitment is needed to grow your skills and get the certificate. Like most professions that need certain skill sets, working as an HGV driver enables you to command a relatively high income.

Usually, the starting salaries depend on who your employer is and where you work. Nonetheless, Total Jobs puts the average salary of an HGV driver at about £32,500. Also, you stand to earn some benefits like extra insurance and private healthcare or paid leaves, depending on the type of work you do.