9 Important Reasons To Consider Being A Nanny

1. Good pay

You can earn a good income whether you decide to work as a full-time or part-time nanny. The national average salary for a nanny is approximately $45,364 a year. The salary can vary depending on many factors, including the location, work hours, employer, and the number of clients. On the other hand, nannies also receive benefits and perks such as meals, gas, and rent for live-in employees.

2. Minimal education requirement

The role of a nanny doesn’t require any standard education. In fact, high school and college students prefer to work as part-time nannies while completing their education. Some employers may prefer employees with degrees or training certifications in child development or child safety. But the education requirements may vary by employer or gig.

3. Flexible scheduling

Nannies can work on flexible hours as many employers will consider such requests. While a nanny may have to work long or irregular hours at times to accommodate the schedules of children, they have the freedom of establishing their schedules or finding gigs to fit their needs. You have full control over your hours and schedule when looking for a nanny position.

4. Fulfilling relationships

You will get the chance of developing personal relationships with the families and their children under your care as a nanny. The kids will learn to trust, admire, and rely on individuals who protect them. In fact, a nanny’s role requires a passion for working with children and creating meaningful relationships with them. If you love to connect with kids, you may be a very good candidate for a nanny position. In fact, the position of a nanny provides many fulfilling benefits.

5. Ability to work independently

You should assume full responsibility for the needs, care, and safety of the children that you work with. This position is a good fit for you if you love to work independently and interact with children and their parents in one-on-one settings. You should also have full control over the operations and activities of the role. The independence of the position will let you build closer relationships with children and eliminate the conflicts associated with working as part of a team.

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6. Dynamic work environment

The structure, experience, and responsibilities of a nanny will change almost daily. You can influence the environment and activities of each day depending on the requirements and regulations of the employer. A nanny may have to accompany children to the park, grocery stores, or recreational centres. You may also have to take the child to doctor appointments, sports events, or school activities at times. If you love a constantly changing schedule and location, working as a nanny is the best thing for you.

7. Active lifestyle

If you prefer a job that gets you out of an office cubicle and allows you to remain active throughout the day, you should accept the position of nanny. It helps you remain active most of the time and work on your feet. In fact, walking and playing with kids requires a lot of energy and may offer an exciting workday for you. A nanny will have some control over the type of extent of activities and structure the day as per their needs.

8. Ability to travel

Some parents may require a traveling nanny to accompany them on trips and vacations to manage their children’s needs. You will get the opportunity to visit new locations and experience new cultures while getting paid for it. Travelling nannies will have to spend long hours with children. Hence, they should combine a passion for travelling with their dedication to childcare.

9. Impact on children’s lives

The nanny will become a central part of the child’s life by working with a family or child over the long term.