Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Windows are easily one of the main areas of a home that account for heat loss. Windows account for as much as 40% of the heat that escapes from your home. Because of this, it only makes sense to keep a close eye on your windows and thoroughly inspect them to ensure you aren’t losing energy due to gaps, holes, or cracks.

While you can save energy by filling in those gaps, it’s also a very good idea to consider insulating your windows. Insulating your windows properly can help to mitigate a lot of heat loss. Using thicker and heavier window dressings is one of the easiest ways to restrict airflow near your windows. It helps to create a good barrier between your window and the inside of your home. You can further maximize the impact by doubling up on the window dressing by installing curtains and blinds to maximize insulating properties. Not only that, but you can add some flair and style to your room with them too!

Devonshire Charcoal

SPC Roller Blinds happen to be a very good and more cost-competitive solution compared to Roman Blinds and curtains. They are effectively coated with solar protection. This innovative coating allows it to better maintain consistent and comfortable temperatures within the room. How does it work? By reflecting the sun rays that would normally penetrate the windows. It effectively creates a thermal barrier that helps insulate your windows, and it makes your home a lot more energy efficient because of it. When installed, don’t forget to close the curtains and blinds when it gets colder to block out cold air. You’ll want to close up all of the windows and even light some candles to create a warm and comfortable space.

Set The Heating On a Timer

One of the best things you can do to maximize the energy efficiency of your home is to keep your heating on a timer. You don’t want to keep your heating running all day. That’s one of the easiest ways to experience a lot of energy loss. Setting it on a timer instead can help you eliminate a lot of wasted energy use. You’ll want to set the timer so it meshes well with your routine. For instance, if you leave for work for hours at a time, you’ll want to set the timer to shut off your heat while you are gone.

Insulate Your Pipes

One of the major things you’ll want to do when you are looking to maximize your home’s energy efficiency would be to insulate all of your pipes. Pipes can be a major problem when you don’t pay enough attention to them. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong with your pipes, it can be an expensive and extensive fix. This is much more likely to happen when the temperatures drop. You can find pipe insulators that can be easily installed, which can help you prevent a lot of pipe issues. It can keep them from freezing, which is very common in the winter.

Soft Furnishings

Not only do you want to add things like curtains and Roman Blinds to your windows, but you’ll also want to add some furnishings to open the space up and warm it up. Adding things like thicker knit blankets can do wonders to ensure that you are adding warmth to your space without having to use energy. If you want something that can deliver a “wow” factor to your room, you could always match up the cushions on your chairs to your window dressings. Bay window blinds are fantastic at creating a sense of space and maximizing natural light.

If you have wood flooring or even tiles, you can always get a rug for it. This can help to ensure that you’re adding insulative properties to your flooring. Walking on cold wood or tiles can make you colder through conduction.

Recycle The Heat

This one is only good for households that don’t have children or pets. Whenever you finish cooking, you can easily utilize the warm air that was created throughout the cooking process. You can do this by opening up your oven door and recycling that air. However, as mentioned, you only want to do this if you don’t have pets or children that could harm themselves by touching the open oven.


You can easily control the heat that is coming from your radiators by getting shelving installed right above. This can help you re-direct the heat so it moves throughout the room. This works by preventing it from rising to the ceiling. After all, heat rises. It’s also going to give you more storage opportunities, which is always a good thing to sustain a cleaner and less cluttered home.