Top 10 Reasons Why People Move Houses

Moving houses can be very stressful, costly, and time-consuming. There are many reasons why people choose to move to a new house. Here are the top 10 reasons you need to know. Before going into the article if you are in Wimbledon then see ‘Wimbledon Village estate agents‘.

1. Looking For More Space

People looking to buy their first house are constantly outgrowing their starter homes and looking to get a larger house, especially if they are planning to start a family.

2. Upgrading

Are you thinking about improving your property? Do you want to move your house entirely? Well, it’s a difficult decision for anyone. A lot of people feel restless when at home and are always looking to upgrade to a bigger and more desirable home.

3. New Job

Congratulations on starting a new job. It means you will be forced to relocate to a new area, especially if the commuting distance is too long. It may also be unfeasible traveling from your current home to your new job.

4. Empty Nest

Have your kids grown up and moved out of the family home? Well, you can always opt to downsize to a smaller home if you don’t need the extra space.

5. Relationships

Are you planning to move in with a partner? Well, this is a significant stage of any relationship and it may be the right time to move to a new house. You may have to sell your house, especially if you both owned separate houses. On the other hand, if you have recently broken up with someone, you may be forced to move to a new house. This is possible if your income is not enough to support the house expenses in the house you were living in together. Additionally, you may have to buy your ex-partner out.

6. Visiting Family More Often

Most people appreciate living closer to their family. It’s one of the reasons why someone may choose to move to a new house closer to their family. As the extended family grows, parents want to be close to their children. On the other hand, grandparents want to live close to their children and grandchildren as they grow older.

7. Catchment Area For Schools

More people are moving houses to catchment areas with better schools to ensure that their children are admitted. Parents who are looking to send their child to a particular school that is not within the catchment area of their current home may choose to relocate for the best results.

8. Change Of Lifestyle/Scenery

Are you feeling unsettled in your current home? Are you looking for a fresh start? Well, you can uproot your family and move to a different location. If you want to move from the bright city lights to the countryside, you can always move houses to match your needs.

9. Cost Of Running A House

Do you want to save more money? Has your income status recently changed? Well, you can always relocate to somewhere cheaper. If you are feeling a huge pinch when buying a house, paying rent or monthly expenses, you need to consider moving to a new house.

10. Changes In The Surrounding Area

If you moved to your current house a long time ago, the neighbourhood may have faced some changes. For instance, there may be social, economic, and physical deteriorations that make the house uninhabitable. You may choose to relocate somewhere where you feel happier and more comfortable.


Moving to a new house can be quite challenging but it is very beneficial to improve your lifestyle and guarantee peace of mind. Yes, relocation may be costly at first but in the long run, it will be worth it. Take your time to find the ideal location if you are planning to move, for the best results.